How to Fix Cracked Tile

How to Fix Cracked Tile Cracked tiles create openings allowing moisture to seep into the subfloor. Water can be embedded behind a cracked wall tile in a shower or bath, damaging the walls and subfloor. The best way to avoid water damage is to repair the cracked tiles as soon as you notice the breakage. […]

How to Repair Laminate Flooring

How to Repair Laminate Flooring If your laminate flooring isn’t completely outdated or destroyed (bowing in the middle of the room, for example), it may be possible to repair it rather than rip out and replace with new. Repairing laminate is generally quick and easy. If the damage is significant, you might want to replace […]

How to Install Cement Board

How to Install Cement Board Installing cement board before installing tiles is essential for waterproofing the floor. Installing cement boards may seem like a daunting task, but this task is rather simple if you take your time and carefully follow the instructions. You will also learn how to use a thin mortar for laying tiles and for strengthening the […]

Installation suggestions for epoxy and urethane flooring

Installation suggestions for epoxy and urethane flooring Proper preparation is crucial to ensuring a successful polymer flooring installation. If the substrate isn’t properly prepared, there’s a good chance that bonding issues and other problems will occur. A diamond grinder, media blaster or scarifier is used to mechanically prep the concrete surface. This removes laitance and […]

How to Remove Vinyl Flooring

How to Remove Vinyl Flooring Many people choose to install vinyl flooring in their homes. It is inexpensive and easy to install, although if you are looking to replace your existing carpet or other floor covering with a new vinyl product, you’ll need to come up with an effective way of removing the old material first. You […]

How to Remove Laminate Flooring

How to Remove Laminate Flooring Removing old, worn laminate flooring is a big project but it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. With patience and the right tools, taking out the entire laminate flooring can be accomplished in just one afternoon. The following guide provides a step-by-step approach for removing old laminate flooring, […]

How to Install Heated Floor

How to Install Heated Floors In-floor radiant heat is here to revolutionize your heating experience by warming up the entire floor.This innovative heating system can be achieved through two methods: using pipes carrying hot water embedded in or below the floor or using electric mats embedded in the floor itself. In this guide, we will […]

How to Install Carpet

How to Install Carpet Installing carpet can seem like a challenging task, but with planning and careful measurements as well as the right specialized tools for the job, it is possible to do it yourself. Installing your own carpet can also save you money when compared to hiring professionals or buying new flooring from retail […]

How to Install Floor Tiles

How to Install Floor Tiles Learning how to lay floor tiles is simple, but there are some preparations you should make beforehand. Tile comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns; these tips will guide you through the process:  Do some research so you can make an informed decision about the tiles you will […]

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors can last for decades, but with wear and tear, they will eventually need refinishing. Learn how to restore their beauty by refinishing your hardwood flooring! Learn how to sand hardwood floors with these instructions and safety tips. Prep the Floor The first step in learning how to refinish […]